MSVIT 72035


Макети Beriev Be-12 "Prototype" flying boat Макети Beriev Be-12 "Prototype" flying boat

Beriev Be-12 "Prototype" flying boat

Арт. код: MSVIT 72035

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In mid 50’s of XX century, the USSR started process of аn anti-submarine aviation formation, a brand new kind of air force, due to the strong demand of anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircrafts.

The Beriev Be-6 was the first soviet aircraft used for this purpose, being equipped with "Baku" radio hydro acoustic system and magnetic anomaly detector (MAD). In fact, Be-6 was a "transitional" aircraft, used while the “true” ASW aircraft had entered in service.

In the spring of 1956, the Soviet authorities initiated work on an amphibian flying boat, designed from the start for the ASW mission, to replace the Be-6 in that role. The new flying boat was originally supposed to be powered by Kuznetsov NK-4F turboprop engines, which later on had been replaced by Ivchenko/Progress AI-20D engines.

The aircraft was assigned the OKB designation of "izdeliye Ye". The initial prototype was rolled out early in the summer of 1960, with flight trials beginning on 18 October of that year. The plane was supposed to be capable of wearing up to 3 tons of bombs. Its weapon arsenal included: deep charges, AT-1 torpedoes, mines,“IVA” Sonar buoys. The first prototype was officially introduced to the public at Tushino aviation parade in July 1961 and received the elegant name "Chaika (Seagull)". Sadly, it was lost due to pilot error in autumn of the same year. The second prototype was rolled out in September 1962, completing trials successfully few years later. The serial produced planes entered in service under the type designation Beriev Be-12.

Мащаб 1:72
Части 252
Тегло 0.590кг
Бруто тегло 0.770кг
Обемно тегло 1.510кг
Материал Полистирол (PS)
Минимални години За моделисти 14+
Length, mm 372
Wingspan, mm 414
Произход Украйна

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